Thursday, December 17, 2009

SMS PAR - Many

Action Fighter (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C118:FF

Addams Family, The (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C308:FF
Infinite Lives 00C32D:05
Infinite Money 00C303:09

Aerial Assault (UE) [!]
Lots Of Points 00C115:09
Infinite Planes 00C139:09

Alex Kidd BMX Trial (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C201:00

ALF (UE) [!]
Infinite Lives 00C24A:04
Item Slot 01 00CF57:00 Nothing
Item Slot 02 00CF58:01 Key
Item Slot 03 00CF59:02 Ladder
Item Slot 04 00CF5A:03
Item Slot 05 00CF5B:04
Item Slot 06 00CF5C:05
Item Slot 07 00CF5D:06
Item Slot 08 00CF5E:07 Pearl
Item Slot 09 00CF5F:08 Cat
Item Slot 10 00CF60:09 Swimsuit
Item Slot 11 00CF61:0A Salami
Item Slot 12 00CF62:0B

Alien Syndrome (UE) [!]
Infinite Lives 00C054:09

American Baseball (JE) [!]
Out Modifier 00C0E4:00
Strike Modifier 00C0E5:00
Ball Modifier 00C0E6:00

Anmitsu Hime (J) [!]
Stop Time 00C10E:00

Ashura (J) [!]
Infinite Lives 00C11F:09
Infinite Ammo 00C121:09

Asterix and the Secret Mission (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C0E3:03
Infinite Lives 00C0DC:09

Astro Flash (SC-3000) [!]
Infinite Power 00C5F0:F0

Astro Warrior (UE) [!]
Infinite Lives 00C23F:0A

Back to the Future 3 (UE) [!]
Instantly Reach Claire 00C31D:00
Infinite Lives On Horse 00C00F:03
Infinite Health 00D361:3C
Infinite Plates 00C087:0A

Baku Baku Animals (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C491:00

Bank Panic (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C028:70

Bart vs. the Space Mutants (UE) [!]
Walk Through Enemies 00C3E7:F0

Battle Out Run (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C19F:FF
Travel Max Speed 00C15E:FF

Black Belt (UE) [!]
Infinite Lives 00D9AC:03
Infinite Time 00D9A9:63
Infinite Health 00DB93:FF

Bonzana Bros (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C585:09
Infinite Health 00C4E1:0B

Borgman (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C21B:20
Infinite P. P 00C216:20

Bram Stoker's Dracula (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C547:09
Infinite Lives 00C53D:03
Infinite Health 00C53E:04

Buggy Run (UE) [!]
Infinite Money 00CE4D:09

California Games (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00DCA7:59

Chapolim x Dracula (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C21B:C0

Cheese Cat-astrophe (UE) [!]
Infinite Hats 00C21E:0A
Infinite Health 00C21A:04

Choplifter (SC-3000) [!]
Infinite Lives 00C29B:03

Circuit, The (J) - World Grand Prix (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00D091:00
Travel Max Speed 00C00A:FF

Cyborg Hunter (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C21B:20
Infinite P. P 00C216:20

Daffy Duck in Hollywood (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C58A:04

Danan the Jungle Fighter (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C7D0:FF
Infinite Life 00D438:FF

Dead Angle (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C068:59
Go Straight To The Boss Fight 00C618:00

Deep Duck Trouble (UE) [!]
Infinite Lives 00D2B1:03
Infinite Health 00D2B2:03

Desert Speedtrap (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00CAF9:04
Infinite Credits 00C025:03

Dick Tracy (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00CE5A:99
Infinite Health 00C1ED:04

Double Target (J) [!]
Infinite Time Player 1 00C2C0:99
Infinite Time Player 2 00C2E0:99

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (UE) [!]
Player 1 Lots Of Points 00CCD3:09

Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00D148:04

F1 Championship (UE) [!]
Travel Max Speed 00C8FB:FF

F16 Fighting Falcon (UE) [!]
Infinite Bullets 00CA6D:FF

Final Bubble Bobble (J) [!]
Infinite Lives 00CEB7:03
Invincible 00CE9B:FF

Flash, The (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C0AD:99
Infinite Lives 00C0A1:08
Infninite Health 00C395:04
Infninite Magic Power 00C397:FF

Gain Ground (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C205:63

Galaxy Force (UE) [!]
Infninite Shield 00C07F:10

Gamebox Esportes Radicais (Brazil) [!]
Infinite Time Surfing 00DCA7:59

Gauntlet (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C810:99
Max Keys 00C80D:0E

Geraldinho (Brazil)
Infinite Lives 00C01B:05

Ghost House (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C1F5:C0

Global Gladiators (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00D4EB:59
Infinite Lives 00D0B9:05
Max Tokens 00D503:99
Invincible 00D506:19
Infinite Health 00D0BA:3F

GP Rider (U) [!]
Stop Time 00CA2D:00

Great Baseball (UE) [!]
Strike Modifier 00C10F:??
Ball Modifier 00C110:??
Out Modifier 00C111:??

Great Basketball (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C3B3:09
CPU Cant Score 00C3C0:00

Great Ice Hockey (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C201:59

Great Soccer (J) [!]
Infinite Time 00C11E:30

Great Volleyball (E) [!]
CPU Cant Score 00C4F1:00

Haja no Fuuin (J) [!]
Infinite Health 00C50A:10

Hang-On & Astro Warrior (U) [!]
Infinite Time 00C00D:3B
Travel Max Speed 00C31A:FF

Hang-On (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C00D:3B
Travel Max Speed 00C31A:FF

Heavyweight Champ (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C133:09
Player 1 Infinite Health 00C128:A0
Player 1 One Hit Death 00C128:01
Player 2 Infinite Health 00C129:A0
Player 2 One Hit Death 00C129:01

Sonic the Hedgehog (UE) [!]
Instantly Beat Level 00D207:A1
Invincible Status Effect 00D208:03

I was making unhacked PAR codes in abc order, but I got bored with it...

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