Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SGG - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Debug Menu

It's for both Power Ranger games.

Action Replay Code:
00C515:05 Debug Options
Boot the game with the code on. On the main menu, turn it off before hitting a button.

The Pattern Check option only works on the first game.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

SMD - Skitchin' - The rest of the passwords


On the warning screen press B, A, Down, A, Start, Start
On the main menu select password with eith the A,B or C button, but not with Start
After typing in the password, use the Start button to confirm

CARS - Detroit
TROY - Better at fighting
TOQUE - Different Hat
SALAD - Blue Hair
CLOWN - Bozo the Clown Hair
BOZO - Bozo the Clown Hair
CHOICE - Choose
ULTIMATE - Lots of Items

SMD - The Magic School Bus - The rest of the passwords

Passwords not on GameFaqs:

Mini-Game Passwords:
ASTROB - Play Astro Blaster
REFLEC - Play Reflector
ORBITS - Play Orbiter
ASTINS - Play Asteroid Insanity

SMD - Jennifer Capriati Tennis - Hacked ROM Release

In the Sega Genesis game Jennifer Capriati Tennis aka Grand Slam Tennis there is a Japanese Debug Menu in the game. I have translated 80% of the menu and uploaded the ROM. In the emulator Fusion, you need to go to "Options-> Set Config...-> Genesis-> AutoFix Checksums" for the game to boot.


To access the debug menu:
1. Enter in all Question Marks (?) in the password screen.
2. Start a match and pause the game
3. While paused, hold down the B button and press Start

SMD - Jammit - Hacked ROM Release

In the Sega Genesis game Jammit, there is no "A" in the password input screen. I noticed that in the ROM's hex there were 3 passwords of AAAAAAA. I modified the A's to something imputable and uploaded the ROM. I can confirm that 2 of the 3 hidden passwords in fact do something.

Download Link:

Un-covered up Passwords
BBBBBBB - Unknown
CCCCCCC - Always Win
DDDDDDD - Versus Judge

Normal Passwords

SMD - Bubble and Squeak - Passwords


BGPPGBZZ - Stardust Caverns 1
TVXZRQCB - Stardust Caverns 2
KMLHGDVW - The Neverglades 1
TMZYYYBB - Stardust Caverns 4
YVSQNJDB - Stardust Caverns 5
WXZQRTLM - Diamond Foundry 1
JCBJBCXX - Diamond Foundry 2
FYYYGBBB - The Neverglades 3
LBWGHPZX - The Neverglades 4
BDDBCDDC - Stardust Caverns 6
DCBBCDDC - Stardust Caverns 7
MNLLMNNL - Diamond Foundry 4
VXWWXVVW - Diamond Foundry 5
QSRRRRSQ - Diamond Foundry 6
MTVCPLNT - Sandcastle Desert 2
TPGTBDPS - Sandcastle Desert 3
WCPJBNTT - Diamond Foundry 7
SDWFTRBZ - Diamond Foundry 8
XLPMNPHY - Sandcastle Desert 5
FFZZGGHH - Neon City 2
WDYTYSLS - Neon City 4
BCDZYXNP - Neon City 5

Out of This World aka Another World - Passwords (Genesis)



SMD - Battletech - Passwords


BLLTCH - Mission 1
MCHLCS - View Ending Credits

SGG - Defenders of Oasis - Maps

SMD - Wimbledon Championship Tennis - Debug Mode Found

SMD - Warlock - Last Level Password


BTBYS - Level 15

SMD - Tinhead - Passwords


CAMELS - Shoot 5 Balls at a time
FLIMBO - Infinite Lives
PSYCHE - Crystal World Sector 2
QUARKS - Crystal World Sector 3
PHOTON - Space Port Sector 1
SATURN - Space Port Sector 2
VECTOR - Space Port Sector 3
COSMOS - Star Hulk Sector 1
GLUONS - Star Hulk Sector 2
PARITY - Star Hulk Sector 3
ESCHER - Inctec Plant Sector 1
NEWTON - Inctec Plant Sector 2
PASCAL - Inctec Plant Sector 3
MASCIS - Boss 1
ALBINI - Boss 2
MARLEY - Boss 3
BALROG - Boss 4

SMD - Super Battleship - Passwords


C31D5 - Level 5
32FH42 - Level 8
7159BG - Level 11
0007207 - Level 13
BDFHGF4 - Level 14
012745F - Level 15
F2F406F8 - Level 16 (Final Stage)

SMD - Splatterhouse 3 - Passwords


ATAERG - Stage 3 Mansion 3rd Floor
AKSILB - Stage 4 Mansion Basement
RAOBVW - Stage 5 The Dark Stone 1
AIKITI - Stage 5 The Dark Stone 2
OKOMOB - Stage 6 The Mask 1
TETUYA - Stage 6 The Mask 2
REYALF - Stage X The Strange Zone 1
SERAGA - Stage X The Strange Zone 2
TARESA - Stage X The Strange Zone 3
ROGIBA - Stage X The Strange Zone 4

Saturday, December 19, 2009

SMD - Shove It! The Warehouse Game - Passwords


SANPEDRO - Stage 4
VENTURA? - Stage 5
SANDIEGO - Stage 6
PASADENA - Stage 7
!BEVERLY - Stage 8
MELROSE! - Stage 9
RODEO!?! - Stage 10
WESTWOOD - Stage 11
WILSHIRE - Stage 12
VENICE?? - Stage 13
FIGUEROA - Stage 14
ORANGE - Stage 16
?OWARI? - View Ending Sequence

SMD - Predator 2 - Infinite Health Password


TRAUMA - Level 7 The Alien Ship
HARDMAN - Infinite Health
EASIER - Easy Mode
KILLZONE - Infinite Health +

SMD - Pete Sampras Tennis - Passwords


Enter these passwords under World Tour mode.

START - Round 1 Stuttgart
CAR - Round 2 Tokyo
VEGAN - Round 3 Washington
STAR - Round 4 Dusseldorf
LCD - Round 5 Paris
WALL - Round 6 Montreal
SINKORSWIM - Round 7 Barcelona
SHELF - Round 8 San Francisco
WINDOW - Round 9 Bombay
POOL - Round 10 London

Friday, December 18, 2009

SMD - Quad Challenge - Passwords


HARD - Heat 1
NSEQ - Heat 11
7JBB - Heat 12
KX2D - Heat 13
JSBL - Heat 14
8ELC - Heat 15
MP6B - Heat 16

SMD - Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Infinite Health Password


Level Passwords
ONE - Level 1 Password

Special Passwords
First enter the password THE.MASTER so you can enable the following:

LEVEL.SKIP - Level Skipper Enabled
NO.DIE - Infinite Life Enabled
EFFECTS - Special Effects Enabled
QUICK.LEVELS - Quick Level Passwords Enabled

SMD - Man Overboard! S.S. Lucifer - The rest of the passwords


Unknown Password

Level Passwords:
TENNIS Level 7
ISLAND Level 8
CRATER Level 9
PADDLE Level 11
FATMAN Level 12
SUMMER Level 13
CLOUDS Level 14
LIZARD Level 16
SILVER Level 17
BRIDGE Level 18
RECORD Level 19
SUNHAT Level 21
NICKEL Level 22
LITTLE Level 23
TREATY Level 24
SHARKS Level 26
PLURAL Level 27
RUNNER Level 28
STRIPE Level 29
COYOTE Level 31
LONDON Level 32
FOREST Level 33
APOLLO Level 34
CARPET Level 36
ENERGY Level 37
ENGINE Level 38
DOCTOR Level 39
FLOWER Level 41
SYSTEM Level 42
INSIDE Level 43
CINEMA Level 44
SISTER Level 46
CAMERA Level 47
SPIDER Level 48
ORCHID Level 49
AMAZON Level 51
PEOPLE Level 52
AROUND Level 53
HAMLET Level 54
BEAGLE Level 56
CASTLE Level 57
TONGUE Level 58
LUXURY Level 59
ACCEPT Level 61
TYPING Level 62
UNITED Level 63
CANDLE Level 64
CHANCE Level 66
PLAYER Level 67
MEDUSA Level 68
RABBIT Level 69
BUTTON Level 71
DISCUS Level 72
ROMANS Level 73
RUBBER Level 74
MIDDLE Level 76
FLUFFY Level 77
SOCCER Level 78
QUARTZ Level 79
HELMET Level 81
JAGUAR Level 82
SUNDAY Level 83
PUBLIC Level 84
MARKET Level 86
TWENTY Level 87
JAMJAR Level 88
NATURE Level 89
BUBBLE Level 91
SEESAW Level 92
PEANUT Level 93
FRENCH Level 94
CATTLE Level 96
FROZEN Level 97
IGNITE Level 98
PUMICE Level 99

SMD - Lotus Turbo Challenge - Infinite Time Password


LAZY ATE - Infinite Time

SMD - Generations Lost - The final password


WARM - Level 4

SMD - World Trophy Soccer - View the credits


QUITTER - Resets the game.
CREDITS - View the credits.

SMD - Jennifer Capriati Tennis - Debug Menu

Jennifer Capriati Tennis (U) aka Grand Slam Tennis (E)

In the password box type


followed by all periods (.)

To bring up the menu:
Pause a match, hold down the B button and unpause the game.

I know nothing of Tennis or the Japanese language.

Another password:
followed by all periods

And the final previously unknown password is:
ENDING.CHECK View the ending.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My GameFAQs PASSWORD Contributions

My GameFAQs GameGear Password Contributions

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

0080 - Boss 1-2 as Sailor Chibimoon
2355 - Boss 1-2 as Sailor Moon
0286 - Boss 2-2 as Sailor Chibimoon
3564 - Boss 2-2 as Sailor Moon
5434 - Boss 3-2 as Sailor Chibimoon
4170 - Boss 3-2 as Sailor Moon
9600 - Boss 5-2 as Sailor Chibimoon
6298 - Boss 5-2 as Sailor Moon
9876 - Reset Game
4004 - Stage 1-1 as Sailor Chibimoon
2521 - Stage 1-1 as Sailor Moon
4506 - Stage 1-2 as Sailor Chibimoon
2232 - Stage 1-2 as Sailor Moon
8080 - Stage 1-3 as Sailor Chibimoon
2643 - Stage 1-3 as Sailor Moon
3633 - Stage 2-1 as Sailor Moon
6800 - Stage 2-2 as Sailor Chibimoon
3942 - Stage 2-2 as Sailor Moon
8086 - Stage 2-3 as Sailor Chibimoon
5963 - Stage 2-3 as Sailor Moon
5426 - Stage 3-2 as Sailor Chibimoon
1849 - Stage 3-2 as Sailor Moon
5428 - Stage 3-3 as Sailor Chibimoon
4163 - Stage 3-3 as Sailor Moon
0601 - Stage 4-2 as Sailor Chibimoon
5182 - Stage 4-2 as Sailor Moon
5162 - Stage 4-2 as Sailor Moon
0603 - Stage 4-3 as Sailor Chibimoon
0800 - Stage 4-3 as Sailor Chibimoon
5173 - Stage 4-3 as Sailor Moon
0864 - Stage 5-2 as Sailor Chibimoon
9172 - Stage 5-2 as Sailor Moon
2400 - Stage 5-3 as Sailor Chibimoon
8387 - Stage 5-3 as Sailor Moon
7777 - View Sailor Chibi Moon ending

Choplifter III

LTSFBMB - Infinite Bombs
RBJPKQX - Sector 1 Level 2
TPWNXZL - Sector 1 Level 3
PNSXCZH - Sector 2 Level 2
SMNKZJN - Sector 2 Level 3
FZWLJFK - Sector 3 Level 2
GRGJJWG - Sector 3 Level 3
JJSBVDD - Sector 4 Level 2
KWRGKJW - Sector 4 Level 3
XSLDFKL - Sector 5 Level 2
CPKCXMN - Sector 5 Level 3
ZZZZZZB - Start with 6 lives
RTDFKLN - Start with 8 lives

Chuck Rock

2FLAF - Infinite Health

Disney's Aladdin

DIER - Endgame
DMIA - Stage 4
INSI - Stage 5

Iron Man / X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal

Secret Developers Level Select Menu
PKTPCN - Level Select Menu
Enter the password in the 6 digit password box. It will say "You Da Man" if entered correctly. To use it, pause the game and hold either down, or up and unpause the game.


WINERACK - Level 2 - The Cellars
PIPELINE - Level 4 - The Sewers
DUCKPOND - Level 6 - The Park
JACKNBOX - Level 8 - The Toy Factory

Phantom 2040

EAST - Biots are burning the lair!
PART - Biots! Seal the doors!
SHIN - Biots! Seal the doors!
REST - Biots! Seal the doors!
MALL - Board the cruiser
SEEK - Fly to the maximun biot lab
CANE - Fly to the maximun biot lab
FARE - Fly to the maximun biot lab
TURN - Fly to the maximun biot lab
RUIN - Get a key from each terminal
TREE - Get a key from each terminal
SOME - Get a key from each terminal
ZONE - Got it! Now land and head for the maximum building
TRUE - Hop On
FLEE - Looking for the first keycard

Quest for the Shaven Yak starring Ren & Stimpy

Go to Continue and type:
RUSSEE and press Start
KYLESE and press Start
JESSLE and press Start
NILBOG Start a new game and now you will see a special character select screen


LAST Level Skip
CLOSE - Stage Close Mode
OPEN - Stage Open Mode
NEPTUNE - Stage Select up to 100
PLUTO - Stage Select up to 110
SERPENS - Stage Select up to 120
PISCES - Stage Select up to 130
HYDRA - Stage Select up to 140
CANCER - Stage Select up to 150
CYGNUS - Stage Select up to 160
PHOENIX - Stage Select up to 170
TAURUS - Stage Select up to 180
ARIES - Stage Select up to 190
THESUN - Stage Select up to 20
GEMINI - Stage Select up to 200
PEGASUS - Stage Select up to 210
ORION - Stage Select up to 220
LIBRA - Stage Select up to 230
VIRGO - Stage Select up to 240
DRACO - Stage Select up to 250
PERSEUS - Stage Select up to 260
METEO - Stage Select up to 270
COMET - Stage Select up to 280
NEBULA - Stage Select up to 290
MERCURY - Stage Select up to 30
GALAXY - Stage Select up to 300
VENUS - Stage Select up to 40
EARTH - Stage Select up to 50
THEMARS - Stage Select up to 60
JUPITER - Stage Select up to 70
SATURN - Stage Select up to 80
URANUS - Stage Select up to 90

The Ottifants

Enable Level Skip
NIDT - Activate Cheat Mode
Pause the game, hold down both buttons 1 and 2 and unpause the game to skip a level.

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap

MKWH WBZ TY3J 0GP - Max Gold, all Items and Equipment.

SGG PAR - Many

007 James Bond - the Duel
Infinite Health 00C113:04
Infinite Lives 00C744:63

Addams Family
Infinite Health 00C514:FF
Infinite Lives 00C538:09

Adventures of Batman & Robin, The
Infinite Health 00D80A:28
Infinite Lives 00D80C:09

Aerial Assault
Infinite Lives 00C41C:02

Infinite Health 00C116:06

Infinite Lives 00C1D7:09

Alien Syndrome
Infinite Health 00C015:04
Infinite Time 00C113:FF

Arch Rivals
Away Team Cant Score 00C444:00

Ariel - the Little Mermaid
Infinite Health 00C249:08
Infinite Lives 00C24A:04

Baku Baku Animals
Infinite Time 00C491:00

Bart-Man meets Radioactive-Man, Simpsons
Infinite Health 00DD84:14
Infinite Lives 00C1DB:09

Batman Forever
Infinite Lives 00D930:09
Infinite Health 00DABC:3F

Batman Returns
Infinite Lives 00C021:63
Infinite Health 00C159:0A
Infinite Special 00C01F:63

Batter Up
No Balls 00C135:00
No Strikes 00C136:00
No Outs 00C137:00

Beavis and Butthead
Infinite Health 00D0A7:08
Infinite Lives 00D0AB:09

Berenstain Bears - Camping Adventure
Infinite Health 00C319:10
Infinite Lives 00C31A:09

Bonkers Wax Up!
Infinite Lives 00C375:09
Infinite Health 00C376:E8

Bram Stoker's Dracula
Infinite Health 00C53E:06
Infinite Lives 00C53D:09

Bubble Bobble
Infinite Lives 00CEB7:65

Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble
Infinite Lives 00D95C:63
Infinite Health 00D959:14

Captain America and the Avengers
Infinite Lives 00C320:64

Chicago Syndicate
Infinite Health 00C825:64

Choplifter 3
Infinite Lives 00C9F6:03
Infinite Health 00D16B:14

Infinite Lives 00D4C2:09
Infinite Health 00D4C1:10

Coca Cola Kid
Infinite Time 00D2C1:00
Infinite Lives 00D29B:99
Infinite Health 00D526:03

Cosmic Spacehead
Infinite Lives 00C23E:09

Crystal Warriors
Infinite HP Iris 00C487:63
Infinite MP Iris 00C489:63
Max AP Iris 00C48F:63
Max DP Iris 00C490:63
Max LK Iris 00C492:63
Max SP Iris 00C49E:63
Infinite HP Murak 00C507:63
Infinite MP Murak 00C509:63
Max AP Murak 00C50F:63
Max DP Murak 00C510:63
Max LK Murak 00C512:63
Max SP Murak 00C51E:63
Infinite HP Frye 00C527:63
Infinite MP Frye 00C529:63
Max AP Frye 00C52F:63
Max DP Frye 00C530:63
Max LK Frye 00C532:63
Max SP Frye 00C53E:63
Infinite HP Ratt 00C4E7:63
Infinite HP Ratt 00C4E9:63
Max AP Ratt 00C4EF:63
Max DP Ratt 00C4F0:63
Max LK Ratt 00C4F2:63
Max SP Ratt 00C4FE:63
Infinite HP Eldor 00C4C7:63
Infinite MP Eldor 00C4C9:63
Max AP Eldor 00C4CF:63
Max BP Eldor 00C4D0:63
Max LK Eldor 00C4D2:63
Max SP Eldor 00C4DE:63
Infinite HP Dayne 00C4A7:63
Infinite MP Dayne 00C4A9:63
Max AP Dayne 00C4AF:63
Max DP Dayne 00C4B0:63
Max LK Dayne 00C4B2:63
Max SP Dayne 00C4BE:63

Cutthroat Island
Infinite Health 00DBEB:17
Max Weapon 00DBED:17
Infinite Lives 00DC23:09

Daffy Duck in Hollywood
Infinite Lives 00C58A:0B

Double Dragon
Infinite Health 00C094:10
Infinite Lives 00C095:03

Dragon - the Bruce Lee Story
Infinite Lives 00CCA9:09

Drop Zone
Infinite Lives 00CF73:03

Dynamite Headdy
Infinite Health 00CB19:30
Infinite Lives 00C013:03

Earthworm Jim
Infinite Health 00C1D7:64
Infinite Lives 00C1D6:0A
Infinite Bullets 00C193:FF

F-15 Strike Eagle
Infinite Bullets 00CD1F:FF

Factory Panic
Only 1 Person Left To Feed 00D15B:01
Infinite Continues 00C39C:0A
Infinite Health 00C396:03

Fatal Fury Special
Infinite Time 00C0B4:9A
Player 1 Infinite Health 00DB3B:40

Foreman for Real
Infinite Time 00D0CB:01

Infinite Lives 00C019:0A

Infinite Lives 00D9AB:09
Infinite Throw 00D9AA:63
Infinite Health 00D9AC:0A

GP Rider
Infinite Time 00C02E:63

Infinite Lives 00DC04:09
Infinite Health 00CA4E:18

Home Alone
Infinite Time 00C601:01

Infinite Time 00DAAB:01
Infinite Lives 00DAF7:09
Infinite Health 00DAA9:03

Max Score Part 1 of 3 00D55E:99
Max Score Part 2 of 3 00D55F:99
Max Score Part 3 of 3 00D560:09

Incredible Crash Dummies, The
Infinite Time 00C085:99

Incredible Hulk, The
Infinite Lives 00C40F:04
Infinite Health 00C418:FF

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Infinite Health 00C9C2:30
Infinite Time 00CBBF:0A

Iron Man X - Man o' War in Heavy Metal
Infinite Health 00DAB8:FF

Itchy & Scratchy
Infinite Health 00D6E9:64
Instantly Beat Each Level 00D72C:00
1 Hit Until Scratchy Dead 00D72C:01

Joe Montana's Football
Infinite Time 00C7B2:01

Judge Dredd
Infinite Lives 00D9CD:09
Infinite Health 00D9BD:40

Infinite Time 00DA7A:FF

Kawasaki Superbike Challenge
Go 255 MPH 00C930:FF

Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Infinite Time 00C0A2:01
Infinite Lives 00C09F:99
Infinite Health 00C099:02

Madden NFL '95
Infinite Time 00DD25:01

Madden NFL '96
Infinite Time 00DD25:01

Majors Pro Baseball
0 Strikes 00C40F:00
0 Balls 00C411:00

Marko's Magic Football
Infinite Health 00C706:03
Max Score 1 of 6 00C466:09
Max Score 2 of 6 00C467:09
Max Score 3 of 6 00C468:09
Max Score 4 of 6 00C469:09
Max Score 5 of 6 00C46A:09
Max Score 6 of 6 00C46B:09

Monster Truck Wars
Infinite Time 00D2C6:00

Mortal Kombat 2
Player 1 Infinite Health 00C488:47
Infinite Time 00C436:63

Mortal Kombat 3
Infinite Time 00D25E:99
Player 1 Infinite Health 00D2B1:38
Player 1 Won One Round 00D2B9:01

Ms. Pac-Man
Infinite Lives 00C3A0:03

NBA Action
Infinite Timeouts 00DC16:09
Player 1 Always Win 00DA0D:09

Infinite Time 00DADD:01
Away Team Cant Score 00CAD6:00
Infinite Shot Clock 00DC1E:0A

NBA Jam Tournament Edition
Infinite Shot Clock 00CB03:0A

Infinite Health 00CF05:FF

Ottifants, The
Infinite Lives 00D160:09
Infinite Health 00CF16:6F

Pac in Time
Infinite Time 00D67B:63
Infinite Lives 00D67D:09

Max Score Part 1 of 7 00C35A:09
Max Score Part 2 of 7 00C35B:09
Max Score Part 3 of 7 00C35C:09
Max Score Part 4 of 7 00C35D:09
Max Score Part 5 of 7 00C35E:09
Max Score Part 6 of 7 00C35F:09
Max Score Part 7 of 7 00C360:09

Paper-Boy 2
Infinite Paper 00C01C:63
Infinite Lives 00DA6B:0A

Phantasy Star Gaiden
Infiinite Money 00C58C:FF
Infinite Wood 00C58E:63
Infinite Short 00C58F:63
Infninite Leather 00C5A2:63
Infinite Monomate 00C5C0:63
Infinite Wisdom 00C5D4:63
Infinite Light 00C5C0:63

Phantom 2040
Infinite Bullets 00CF8A:99
Infinite Health 00D7BE:64

Power Strike 2
Infinite Lives 00C03D:09
Infinite Bombs 00D9F4:09

Primal Rage
Infinite Time 00DD82:99
Player 1 Infinite Health 00DC3E:40

R.B.I. Baseball 1994
Cant Strike Out 00CC26:00

Revenge of Drancon
Infinite Lives 00C12D:09
Infinite Vitality 00CC36:FE

Rise of the Robots
Infinite Health 00C451:30
Infinite Time 00C45B:09

Ristar the Shooting Star
Infinite Lives 00DC41:63
Infinite Stars 00DC43:62

Road Rash
Infinite Time 00C2A1:00

Robocop 3
Infinite Time 00CE64:01
Infinite Lives 00CE6A:0A
Infinite Bullets 00CE9F:99

Robocop vs. the Terminator
Infinite Lives 00D05B:09
Infinite Health 00D069:FF

Samurai Shodown
Infinite Time 00C200:63
Player 1 Infinite Health 00C090:FF

Shaq Fu
Player 1 Infinite Health 00CD4F:32

Infinite Time 00C354:63
Get 1 Tile To Beat Level 00C342:01

Infinite Time 00C354:63
Get 1 Tile To Beat Level 00C342:01

Smash TV
Infinite Lives 00C512:07
Infinite Credits 00C2A9:09

Smurfs, The
Infinite Time 00D92F:B0
Infinite Lives 00D923:63
Infinite Health 00D924:04

Sonic & Tails 1
Infinite Time 00D2C1:00
Infinite Lives 00D29B:99
Infinite Rings 00D29C:98

Sonic & Tails 2
Infinite Time 00D15D:00
Infinite Lives 00D140:99
Infinite Rings 00:98D159

Sonic Blast
Infinite Rings 00D25E:98
Infinite Rings Bonus Level 00DD9E:98

Sonic Chaos
Infinite Time 00D2C1:00
Infinite Lives 00D29B:99
Infinite Rings 00D29C:98

Sonic Drift 1
Infinite Rings 00DA00:63

Sonic Drift 2
Infinite Rings 00DCC3:63

Sonic Labyrinth
Infinite Time 00C501:09
Infinite Lives 00C506:09

Sonic Spinball
Infinite Lives 00DA16:09
Infinite Continues 00DA1B:09

Sonic the Hedgehog 1
Infinite Lives 00D240:09
Infinite Time 00D2D0:00
Infinite Rings 00D2A9:98

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Infinite TIme 00D2B9:00
Infinite Lives 00D298:09
Infinite Rings 00D299:98

Sonic the Hedgehog - Triple Trouble
Infinite Time 00D15D:00
Infinite Lives 00D140:99
Infinite Rings 00D159:97

Space Invaders
Infinite Health 00C7EE:03
Infinite Lives 00C7EC:03

Spider-Man - Return of the Sinister Six
Infinite Health 00C1AA:08

Spiderman & X-Men - Arcade's Revenge
Infinite Health 00D373:2F

Star Trek Generations - Beyond the Nexus
Infinite Shields 00D314:64
Infinite Lazers 00D315:64

Strider Returns
Infinite Time 00D6C6:39
Infinite Lives 00D51B:09
Infinite Health 00D526:60

Super Return of the Jedi
Infinite Lives 00D9EF:09
Infinite Health 00D9F0:0C

Infinite Health 00CC15:14
Infinite Continues 00CEC4:09

Sylvan Tale
Infinite Health 00C0A5:20

Tails Sky Patrol
Infinite Lives 00D795:009
Infinite Fuel 00D78E:20

Infinite Lives 00D72D:09
Infinite Credits 00D732:09

Taz in Escape from Mars
Infinite Lives 00C36C:09

Tempo JR
Infinite Lives 00C474:63
Infinite Coins 00C475:63
Infinite Health 00C473:0F

Terminator 2 - Judgement Day
Infinite Health 00CF3F:38

Terminator 2 - The Arcade Game
Infinite Energy 00DCCF:80

Terminator, The
Infinite Health 00CC16:64

Always Zero Moves 00C925:00

Tintin au Tibet
Infinite Lives 00C4E6:08
Infinite Health 00C4E5:05

Tom and Jerry - the Movie
Infinite Health 00CB2A:08

True Lies
Infinite Health 00CC3F:14
Infinite Bullets 00D3C3:63

Urban Strike
Infinite Armor 00DAB2:FF
Infinite Fuel 00DAB8:FF
Infinite Lives 00DAA9:09

Virtua Fighter Animation
Infinite Time 00C409:63
Infinite Health 00C422:32

VR Troopers
Infinite Time 00CDF4:FF
Infinite Health 00CDDC:64

Infinite Health 00C101:07

Alien 3
Infinite Health 00C46A:64

Arena : Maze of Death
Infinite Health 00D29B:80

Bart Vs The Space Mutants
Infinite Health 00C398:00

Bart Vs The World
Infinite Health 00D2A2:04
Infinite Lives 00D2A1:09

Infinite Health 00D25A:05

Chakan: The Forever Man
Infinite Health 00DFB3:FF

Chuck Rock
Infinite Lives 00C08E:03
Infinite Health 00C08F:06

Global Gladiators
Infinite Time 00D4EA:59
Infinite Tokens 00D501:99
Infinite Lives 00D0B9:09

Jurassic Park
Infinite Health 00C02D:03
Infinite Lives 00C02F:09
Infinte Continues 00C033:09
Infinite Medkit 00C032:09

Ninja Gaiden
Infinite Time 00C42F:89

VR Troopers
Infinite Time 00CDF4:FF
Infinite Health 00CDDC:64

Wonder-Boy 1
Infinite Health 00CC36:0C

Wonder-Boy 3 - The Dragon's Trap
Infinite Health 00CF52:80
Infinite Potion 00CF4A:09
Max Money Part 1 of 6 00CF55:09
Max Money Part 2 of 6 00CF56:09
Max Money Part 3 of 6 00CF57:09
Max Money Part 4 of 6 00CF58:09
Max Money Part 5 of 6 00CF59:09
Max Money Part 6 of 6 00CF5A:09

WWF - Raw
Player 1 Infinite Health 00D3B1:63

X-Men & X-Men - Game-Master's Legacy & X-Men - Mojo's World
Mutant Power Always On 00DF8A:09
Infinite Health 00DF8B:FF
Infinite Mutant Power 00DF8C:FF

Yuu Yuu Hakusho 2
Infinite Health 00C408:80

Chuck Rock
Infinite Health - 00C00A:01

The Ottifants
Level Skip - 00D16D:01
To use the code: Pause the game, hold both buttons 1 and 2 down, and unpause the game.

Choplifter III
Heat Seeking Missles - 00D17B:01
Start with 3 extra lives - 00D238:02

Disney's Aladdin
Boot Game Into Test Mode - 00C200:01

Ren & Stimpy - Quest For The Shaven Yak
Show Developers Character Select Background - 00D495:01

Streets Of Rage
Infinite Health - 00C669:01

Enable 2 Hidden Options in the options menu - 00CF29:05

SMS PAR - Many

Action Fighter (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C118:FF

Addams Family, The (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C308:FF
Infinite Lives 00C32D:05
Infinite Money 00C303:09

Aerial Assault (UE) [!]
Lots Of Points 00C115:09
Infinite Planes 00C139:09

Alex Kidd BMX Trial (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C201:00

ALF (UE) [!]
Infinite Lives 00C24A:04
Item Slot 01 00CF57:00 Nothing
Item Slot 02 00CF58:01 Key
Item Slot 03 00CF59:02 Ladder
Item Slot 04 00CF5A:03
Item Slot 05 00CF5B:04
Item Slot 06 00CF5C:05
Item Slot 07 00CF5D:06
Item Slot 08 00CF5E:07 Pearl
Item Slot 09 00CF5F:08 Cat
Item Slot 10 00CF60:09 Swimsuit
Item Slot 11 00CF61:0A Salami
Item Slot 12 00CF62:0B

Alien Syndrome (UE) [!]
Infinite Lives 00C054:09

American Baseball (JE) [!]
Out Modifier 00C0E4:00
Strike Modifier 00C0E5:00
Ball Modifier 00C0E6:00

Anmitsu Hime (J) [!]
Stop Time 00C10E:00

Ashura (J) [!]
Infinite Lives 00C11F:09
Infinite Ammo 00C121:09

Asterix and the Secret Mission (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C0E3:03
Infinite Lives 00C0DC:09

Astro Flash (SC-3000) [!]
Infinite Power 00C5F0:F0

Astro Warrior (UE) [!]
Infinite Lives 00C23F:0A

Back to the Future 3 (UE) [!]
Instantly Reach Claire 00C31D:00
Infinite Lives On Horse 00C00F:03
Infinite Health 00D361:3C
Infinite Plates 00C087:0A

Baku Baku Animals (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C491:00

Bank Panic (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C028:70

Bart vs. the Space Mutants (UE) [!]
Walk Through Enemies 00C3E7:F0

Battle Out Run (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C19F:FF
Travel Max Speed 00C15E:FF

Black Belt (UE) [!]
Infinite Lives 00D9AC:03
Infinite Time 00D9A9:63
Infinite Health 00DB93:FF

Bonzana Bros (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C585:09
Infinite Health 00C4E1:0B

Borgman (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C21B:20
Infinite P. P 00C216:20

Bram Stoker's Dracula (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C547:09
Infinite Lives 00C53D:03
Infinite Health 00C53E:04

Buggy Run (UE) [!]
Infinite Money 00CE4D:09

California Games (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00DCA7:59

Chapolim x Dracula (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C21B:C0

Cheese Cat-astrophe (UE) [!]
Infinite Hats 00C21E:0A
Infinite Health 00C21A:04

Choplifter (SC-3000) [!]
Infinite Lives 00C29B:03

Circuit, The (J) - World Grand Prix (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00D091:00
Travel Max Speed 00C00A:FF

Cyborg Hunter (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C21B:20
Infinite P. P 00C216:20

Daffy Duck in Hollywood (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C58A:04

Danan the Jungle Fighter (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C7D0:FF
Infinite Life 00D438:FF

Dead Angle (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C068:59
Go Straight To The Boss Fight 00C618:00

Deep Duck Trouble (UE) [!]
Infinite Lives 00D2B1:03
Infinite Health 00D2B2:03

Desert Speedtrap (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00CAF9:04
Infinite Credits 00C025:03

Dick Tracy (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00CE5A:99
Infinite Health 00C1ED:04

Double Target (J) [!]
Infinite Time Player 1 00C2C0:99
Infinite Time Player 2 00C2E0:99

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (UE) [!]
Player 1 Lots Of Points 00CCD3:09

Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00D148:04

F1 Championship (UE) [!]
Travel Max Speed 00C8FB:FF

F16 Fighting Falcon (UE) [!]
Infinite Bullets 00CA6D:FF

Final Bubble Bobble (J) [!]
Infinite Lives 00CEB7:03
Invincible 00CE9B:FF

Flash, The (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C0AD:99
Infinite Lives 00C0A1:08
Infninite Health 00C395:04
Infninite Magic Power 00C397:FF

Gain Ground (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C205:63

Galaxy Force (UE) [!]
Infninite Shield 00C07F:10

Gamebox Esportes Radicais (Brazil) [!]
Infinite Time Surfing 00DCA7:59

Gauntlet (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C810:99
Max Keys 00C80D:0E

Geraldinho (Brazil)
Infinite Lives 00C01B:05

Ghost House (UE) [!]
Infinite Health 00C1F5:C0

Global Gladiators (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00D4EB:59
Infinite Lives 00D0B9:05
Max Tokens 00D503:99
Invincible 00D506:19
Infinite Health 00D0BA:3F

GP Rider (U) [!]
Stop Time 00CA2D:00

Great Baseball (UE) [!]
Strike Modifier 00C10F:??
Ball Modifier 00C110:??
Out Modifier 00C111:??

Great Basketball (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C3B3:09
CPU Cant Score 00C3C0:00

Great Ice Hockey (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C201:59

Great Soccer (J) [!]
Infinite Time 00C11E:30

Great Volleyball (E) [!]
CPU Cant Score 00C4F1:00

Haja no Fuuin (J) [!]
Infinite Health 00C50A:10

Hang-On & Astro Warrior (U) [!]
Infinite Time 00C00D:3B
Travel Max Speed 00C31A:FF

Hang-On (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C00D:3B
Travel Max Speed 00C31A:FF

Heavyweight Champ (UE) [!]
Infinite Time 00C133:09
Player 1 Infinite Health 00C128:A0
Player 1 One Hit Death 00C128:01
Player 2 Infinite Health 00C129:A0
Player 2 One Hit Death 00C129:01

Sonic the Hedgehog (UE) [!]
Instantly Beat Level 00D207:A1
Invincible Status Effect 00D208:03

I was making unhacked PAR codes in abc order, but I got bored with it...

SGG PAR - Panzer Dragoon Mini

Unlock Hidden Music.

"Oddly, there are also no tunes in slots 002 and 009 in the sound test."

Address:Value - Name
00D2A4:02 - Sound Test Track 2
00D2A4:09 - Sound Test Track 9

NES - All - Hex Editing Game Genie Codes

Download PDF

PSP - Untold Legends (1) - World Map

As with all pictures on this blog, click on the image to view it larger (not to mention the correct dimensions ><).

PS1 - Biohazard 2 Beta 2 - Debug Menu Hacking

PS1 GameShark Codes
Debug Menu Action Modifiers

Utility Menu
300105e8 00xx
300105e9 00zz
800105e8 zzxx

300105ec 00xx
300105ed 00zz
800105ec zzxx

Memory Viewer
300105f0 00xx
300105f1 00zz
800105f0 zzxx

XA Play Test
300105f4 00xx
300105f5 00zz
800105f4 zzxx

OBJ Atari Disp
300105f8 00xx
300105f9 00zz
800105f8 zzxx

Shori Check Disp
300105fc 00xx
300105fd 00zz
800105fc zzxx

30010600 00xx
30010601 00xx
80010600 zzxx

Known Values:
First line xx = a4
Second line zz = 36
Result = Jump (Warp)

PS1 GameShark - Robo Pit (1)

Stage Select Enabled
800a80f8 0001

PS1 GameShark - Final Fantasy VIII (8)

Thanks to my PocketStation, I was able to make this code. If you don't own one, at least you can still see a little something new in Final Fantasy 8 you've never seen.

Enable PocketStation Menu
800786D8 0001

PS1 GameShark - Parasite Eve

Thanks to the Debug Room, I was able to make these previously unhacked codes.

USA Version:
Event Skip Enabled
800A77F0 0004

No Battles
800A781A 8000

At the top left chest in the debug menu, press L1+L2 to access the save menu (U)
D009D0F0 0005
3009CEA0 0005

At the bottom right chest in the debug menu, press L1+R2 to access another hidden "Get" option (U)
D009D0F0 0006
3009CEA0 0006

Japanese Release:
Boot Game Into The Debug Room
8009CD3C 6048
3009CD3E 0006

Use room's option to save your game, then reset your system (to turn off the codes) and load your newly created save game.

Event Skip Enabled (J)
300A72B0 0004

No Battles (J)
800A72DA 8000

PS1 - Parasite Eve - Debug Room Game Save

With this save file, people without a cheat device can still check out the "Debug Room"!

PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)


More Info:
I used my GameShark Pro to search around a little bit and found 2 hidden options.

The first one, was the ability to save. Normally, you cannot save or load up a game in the debug room.

The second is a hidden 'get weapons' activator. It's not that good though, the main difference between the hidden one and the visible one is that the hidden one does not unlock 'Tune up' and 'Dist. BP'.