Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Animation Viewer - Coach K College Basketball (Genesis)

System: Sega Genesis
Game Title: Coach K College Basketball

The Sega Genesis game Coach K College Basketball contains a hidden Animation Viewer. I was not able to make a Game Genie type code yet. To access the new menu, pause the game to bring up the 'Game Paused' menu. Turn on the following PAR code, then press either Up or Down, and disable the PAR code. Lastly, press C to enter the menu.

Highlight Test Player Anims (Pause Menu)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Stage Select - Bonanza Bros. (Genesis)

System: Sega Genesis
Game Title: Bonanza Bros.

The Sega Genesis game Bonanza Bros. contains a hidden Stage Select option in the Options Menu. The following Game Genie code will allow access to it.

Stage Select Accessible (Options Menu)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cheats - Garfield: Caught in the Act (Genesis)

System: Sega Genesis
Game Title: Garfield: Caught in the Act

The Sega Genesis game Garfield: Caught in the Act contains push-button type cheats to be entered in the Pause Menu, a few of which seem glitchy. After successfully inputting a cheat, you will hear a sound effect.


Refill Health
Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up.

99 Projectiles
C, Down, B, Left, A, Up.

Stage Skip
A, C, Up, Down, Up, Right.

Gain A Life
Up, Down, B, A, Right, C.

After death, the screen will not scroll?
Left, A, A, B, C, Down.

Unknown Effect
Down, Up, A, B, Up, Right.

Invulnerability (Blink)
Down, A, Left, Left, B, C.

Debug Movement Mode
A, Right, C, C, B, Up.

Heather Pause Menu [99 Projectiles & 9 Lives Pausing will reset game]
Left, C, Down, Up, B, Right.


Here is an Action Replay code to enable 'Debug Movement Mode':


Monday, January 7, 2013

Cheat Mode - Batman: Revenge of the Joker (Genesis)

System: Sega Genesis
Game Title: Batman: Revenge of the Joker

The Sega Genesis game Batman: Revenge of the Joker contains disabled passwords as well as a Cheat Mode. Five boss fight passwords were disabled by being an exact copy of another password.

Here is a list of every password:
  1. 6020 1-1
  2. 7822 1-2
  3. 7822 Level 1 Boss
  4. 8766 2-1
  5. 8756 2-2
  6. 6101 3-1
  7. 1047 3-2
  8. 1047 Level 3 Boss
  9. 1880 4-1
  10. 5278 4-2
  11. 5278 Level 4 Boss
  12. 1168 5-1
  13. 7604 5-2
  14. 0021 6-1
  15. 7511 6-2
  16. 7511 Level 6 Boss
  17. 1004 7-1
  18. 1004 Final Battle

The above set of passwords (besides the disabled ones) can be directly entered without having to enter another password first.

  1. 1100 1-1
  2. 1200 1-2
  3. 1300 Level 1 Boss
  4. 2100 2-1
  5. 2200 2-2
  6. 3100 3-1
  7. 3200 3-2
  8. 3300 Level 3 Boss
  9. 4100 4-1
  10. 4200 4-2
  11. 4300 Level 4 Boss
  12. 5100 5-1
  13. 5200 5-2
  14. 6100 6-1
  15. 6200 6-2
  16. 6300 Level 6 Boss
  17. 7100 7-1
  18. 7200 Final Battle

The next set of passwords above can't be entered until you enter one of the two following passwords.

  1. 1408 [Same effect as 5257 besides it shows ERROR! instead of the image of mushrooms.]
  2. 5257 CHEAT MODE

The last two passwords listed above enable Cheat Mode.


Known Effects of Cheat Mode:
1. Can start on the stage of choice by using any password.
2. Pressing Start on controller 2 will pause the game, likely for screenshot taking.
3. Pressing the A button on controller 2 during gameplay will skip to the next stage.
4. Pressing the B button on controller 2 during gameplay will show the end game credits.
5. Pressing the C button on controller 2 during gameplay will restore Batman's health.


Game Genie Codes:
Cheat Mode Enabler [Unlocks Controller 2 Pausing]

Press C To Refill Health [Controller 2]
Note: Must use with Cheat Mode Enabler.

Press A To Skip To The Next Stage [Controller 2]
Press B To View The End Game Credits [Controller 2]
Note: Must use with Cheat Mode Enabler.

OR all 3 combined:

Full Cheat Mode Enabled


Here are Game Genie codes to re-enable the 5 boss passwords:

Password 1111 Re-Enabled

Password 2222 Re-Enabled

Password 3333 Re-Enabled

Password 4444 Re-Enabled

Password 5555 Re-Enabled


Friday, January 4, 2013

Passwords - Shanghai 2: Dragon's Eye (Genesis)

System: Sega Genesis
Game Title: Shanghai 2: Dragon's Eye

Here are some passwords for the Sega Genesis game Shanghai 2: Dragon's Eye, to be entered by choosing Resume Tournament Game.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cartridge Diagnostics - Brian Lara Cricket (Genesis)

System: Sega Genesis
Game Title: Brian Lara Cricket

Here is some text, directly from the ROM, potentially some type of menu:
cartridge diagnostics.testing nvram......nvram checksum  failed.nvram checksum  passed. real names mode.fantasy names mode.jcart not detected.Jcart detected.jcart joy 3 failed.jcart joy 3 passed.jcart joy 4 failed.jcart joy 4 passed.rom checksum  failed.rom checksum  passed

Stats Cheat - Andre Agassi Tennis (Genesis)

System: Sega Genesis
Game Title: Andre Agassi Tennis

The Sega Genesis game Andre Agassi Tennis contains the following text, directly from the ROM:

Below is a Game Genie code to enable the effects of the cheat, without having to remember the button sequence.

Andre Agassi's Stats Are All 10

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Option Mode - Rockman X3 (Genesis)

System: Sega Genesis
Game Title: Rockman X3

The programmers of the unlicensed Sega Genesis game Rockman X3 had disabled the ability to enter the Options Menu. Using the following Game Genie code, you can enter the menu.

Option Mode Unlocked

Unknown Cheat - Mulan (Genesis)

System: Sega Genesis
Game Title: Mulan

The unlicensed Sega Genesis game Mulan contains a push-button cheat that's entered in the Options Menu. From the Title Screen, enter the Options Menu and press Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, B, C. The image above will show.

Emulation Hack - Pro Action Replay (Genesis)

System: Sega Genesis
Game Title: Pro Action Replay

Here's a ROM aka Game Genie hack to allow the unlicensed cartridge backup of Datel's Pro Action Replay to boot on the emulator Fusion v3.64.

Pro Action Replay (Unl) [!]
Boot On Fusion v3.64

Download Hacked ROM

Unlicensed Sega Genesis Games

Unlicensed Sega Genesis Games

These cartridges were never officially approved to even be on the Genesis, so why would Sega give a shit about them being distributed?

12-in-1 [Download]

16 Tiles Mahjong [Download]

777 Casino [Download]

Action 52 [Download]

Action 52 [alt] [Download]

Aladdin II [Download]

Aq Renkan Awa [Download]

Bible Adventures [Download]

Bug's Life, A [Download]

Chaoji Dafuweng [Download]

Chess [Download]

Chinese Chess [Download]

Devilish Mahjong Tower [Download]

Dial Q o Mawase! [Download]

Divine Sealing [Download]

Domino [Download]

Earth Defend, The [Download]

Elf Wor [Download]

Exodus [Download]

Fido Dido [Download]

FIFA Soccer 2000 Gold Edition [Download]

Fun Car Rally [Download]

Funny World & Balloon Boy [Download]

Futbol Argentino 98 - Pasion de Multitudes [Download]

Ghost Hunter [Download]

Hercules [Download]

Hercules 2 [Download]

Iraq War 2003 [Download]

Joshua & the Battle of Jericho [Download]

Link Dragon [Download]

Lion King 3 [Download]

Lion King II, The [Download]

Magic Girl [Download]

Mahjong Lover [Download]

Mega Bomberman - 8 Player Demo [Download]

MK 5 - Mortal Combat - SubZero [Download]

Mulan [Download]

Pocket Monsters [Download] Pocket Monsters [alt] [Download]

Pocket Monsters 2 [Download]

Pokemon Crazy Drummer [Download]

Rockman X3 [Download]

Smart Mouse [Download]

Soul Blade [Download]

Spiritual Warfare [Download]

Super Bubble Bobble [Download]

Super Donkey Kong 99 [Download]

Super King Kong 99 [Download]

Super Mario 2 1998 [Download]

Super Mario Bros. [Download]

Super Mario World [Download]

Taiwan Tycoon [Download]

Tekken 3 Special [Download]

Top Shooter [Download]

Virtua Fighter 2 vs Tekken 2 [Download]

Whac-A-Critter [Download]

World Pro Baseball 94 [Download]

King of Fighters '98, The [Download]
Sega Subor System Cartridge [Download]
Sonic Jam 6 [Download]
Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII [Download]

Cheat Devices:
Action Replay [Download]

Game Genie [Download v1] [Download v2]

Gamtec Magicard [Download]

Pro Action Replay [Download]

Pro Action Replay 2 V2.1 [Download]