Thursday, December 17, 2009

PS1 GameShark - Parasite Eve

Thanks to the Debug Room, I was able to make these previously unhacked codes.

USA Version:
Event Skip Enabled
800A77F0 0004

No Battles
800A781A 8000

At the top left chest in the debug menu, press L1+L2 to access the save menu (U)
D009D0F0 0005
3009CEA0 0005

At the bottom right chest in the debug menu, press L1+R2 to access another hidden "Get" option (U)
D009D0F0 0006
3009CEA0 0006

Japanese Release:
Boot Game Into The Debug Room
8009CD3C 6048
3009CD3E 0006

Use room's option to save your game, then reset your system (to turn off the codes) and load your newly created save game.

Event Skip Enabled (J)
300A72B0 0004

No Battles (J)
800A72DA 8000

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