Thursday, December 17, 2009

SGG PAR - Many

007 James Bond - the Duel
Infinite Health 00C113:04
Infinite Lives 00C744:63

Addams Family
Infinite Health 00C514:FF
Infinite Lives 00C538:09

Adventures of Batman & Robin, The
Infinite Health 00D80A:28
Infinite Lives 00D80C:09

Aerial Assault
Infinite Lives 00C41C:02

Infinite Health 00C116:06

Infinite Lives 00C1D7:09

Alien Syndrome
Infinite Health 00C015:04
Infinite Time 00C113:FF

Arch Rivals
Away Team Cant Score 00C444:00

Ariel - the Little Mermaid
Infinite Health 00C249:08
Infinite Lives 00C24A:04

Baku Baku Animals
Infinite Time 00C491:00

Bart-Man meets Radioactive-Man, Simpsons
Infinite Health 00DD84:14
Infinite Lives 00C1DB:09

Batman Forever
Infinite Lives 00D930:09
Infinite Health 00DABC:3F

Batman Returns
Infinite Lives 00C021:63
Infinite Health 00C159:0A
Infinite Special 00C01F:63

Batter Up
No Balls 00C135:00
No Strikes 00C136:00
No Outs 00C137:00

Beavis and Butthead
Infinite Health 00D0A7:08
Infinite Lives 00D0AB:09

Berenstain Bears - Camping Adventure
Infinite Health 00C319:10
Infinite Lives 00C31A:09

Bonkers Wax Up!
Infinite Lives 00C375:09
Infinite Health 00C376:E8

Bram Stoker's Dracula
Infinite Health 00C53E:06
Infinite Lives 00C53D:09

Bubble Bobble
Infinite Lives 00CEB7:65

Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble
Infinite Lives 00D95C:63
Infinite Health 00D959:14

Captain America and the Avengers
Infinite Lives 00C320:64

Chicago Syndicate
Infinite Health 00C825:64

Choplifter 3
Infinite Lives 00C9F6:03
Infinite Health 00D16B:14

Infinite Lives 00D4C2:09
Infinite Health 00D4C1:10

Coca Cola Kid
Infinite Time 00D2C1:00
Infinite Lives 00D29B:99
Infinite Health 00D526:03

Cosmic Spacehead
Infinite Lives 00C23E:09

Crystal Warriors
Infinite HP Iris 00C487:63
Infinite MP Iris 00C489:63
Max AP Iris 00C48F:63
Max DP Iris 00C490:63
Max LK Iris 00C492:63
Max SP Iris 00C49E:63
Infinite HP Murak 00C507:63
Infinite MP Murak 00C509:63
Max AP Murak 00C50F:63
Max DP Murak 00C510:63
Max LK Murak 00C512:63
Max SP Murak 00C51E:63
Infinite HP Frye 00C527:63
Infinite MP Frye 00C529:63
Max AP Frye 00C52F:63
Max DP Frye 00C530:63
Max LK Frye 00C532:63
Max SP Frye 00C53E:63
Infinite HP Ratt 00C4E7:63
Infinite HP Ratt 00C4E9:63
Max AP Ratt 00C4EF:63
Max DP Ratt 00C4F0:63
Max LK Ratt 00C4F2:63
Max SP Ratt 00C4FE:63
Infinite HP Eldor 00C4C7:63
Infinite MP Eldor 00C4C9:63
Max AP Eldor 00C4CF:63
Max BP Eldor 00C4D0:63
Max LK Eldor 00C4D2:63
Max SP Eldor 00C4DE:63
Infinite HP Dayne 00C4A7:63
Infinite MP Dayne 00C4A9:63
Max AP Dayne 00C4AF:63
Max DP Dayne 00C4B0:63
Max LK Dayne 00C4B2:63
Max SP Dayne 00C4BE:63

Cutthroat Island
Infinite Health 00DBEB:17
Max Weapon 00DBED:17
Infinite Lives 00DC23:09

Daffy Duck in Hollywood
Infinite Lives 00C58A:0B

Double Dragon
Infinite Health 00C094:10
Infinite Lives 00C095:03

Dragon - the Bruce Lee Story
Infinite Lives 00CCA9:09

Drop Zone
Infinite Lives 00CF73:03

Dynamite Headdy
Infinite Health 00CB19:30
Infinite Lives 00C013:03

Earthworm Jim
Infinite Health 00C1D7:64
Infinite Lives 00C1D6:0A
Infinite Bullets 00C193:FF

F-15 Strike Eagle
Infinite Bullets 00CD1F:FF

Factory Panic
Only 1 Person Left To Feed 00D15B:01
Infinite Continues 00C39C:0A
Infinite Health 00C396:03

Fatal Fury Special
Infinite Time 00C0B4:9A
Player 1 Infinite Health 00DB3B:40

Foreman for Real
Infinite Time 00D0CB:01

Infinite Lives 00C019:0A

Infinite Lives 00D9AB:09
Infinite Throw 00D9AA:63
Infinite Health 00D9AC:0A

GP Rider
Infinite Time 00C02E:63

Infinite Lives 00DC04:09
Infinite Health 00CA4E:18

Home Alone
Infinite Time 00C601:01

Infinite Time 00DAAB:01
Infinite Lives 00DAF7:09
Infinite Health 00DAA9:03

Max Score Part 1 of 3 00D55E:99
Max Score Part 2 of 3 00D55F:99
Max Score Part 3 of 3 00D560:09

Incredible Crash Dummies, The
Infinite Time 00C085:99

Incredible Hulk, The
Infinite Lives 00C40F:04
Infinite Health 00C418:FF

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Infinite Health 00C9C2:30
Infinite Time 00CBBF:0A

Iron Man X - Man o' War in Heavy Metal
Infinite Health 00DAB8:FF

Itchy & Scratchy
Infinite Health 00D6E9:64
Instantly Beat Each Level 00D72C:00
1 Hit Until Scratchy Dead 00D72C:01

Joe Montana's Football
Infinite Time 00C7B2:01

Judge Dredd
Infinite Lives 00D9CD:09
Infinite Health 00D9BD:40

Infinite Time 00DA7A:FF

Kawasaki Superbike Challenge
Go 255 MPH 00C930:FF

Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Infinite Time 00C0A2:01
Infinite Lives 00C09F:99
Infinite Health 00C099:02

Madden NFL '95
Infinite Time 00DD25:01

Madden NFL '96
Infinite Time 00DD25:01

Majors Pro Baseball
0 Strikes 00C40F:00
0 Balls 00C411:00

Marko's Magic Football
Infinite Health 00C706:03
Max Score 1 of 6 00C466:09
Max Score 2 of 6 00C467:09
Max Score 3 of 6 00C468:09
Max Score 4 of 6 00C469:09
Max Score 5 of 6 00C46A:09
Max Score 6 of 6 00C46B:09

Monster Truck Wars
Infinite Time 00D2C6:00

Mortal Kombat 2
Player 1 Infinite Health 00C488:47
Infinite Time 00C436:63

Mortal Kombat 3
Infinite Time 00D25E:99
Player 1 Infinite Health 00D2B1:38
Player 1 Won One Round 00D2B9:01

Ms. Pac-Man
Infinite Lives 00C3A0:03

NBA Action
Infinite Timeouts 00DC16:09
Player 1 Always Win 00DA0D:09

Infinite Time 00DADD:01
Away Team Cant Score 00CAD6:00
Infinite Shot Clock 00DC1E:0A

NBA Jam Tournament Edition
Infinite Shot Clock 00CB03:0A

Infinite Health 00CF05:FF

Ottifants, The
Infinite Lives 00D160:09
Infinite Health 00CF16:6F

Pac in Time
Infinite Time 00D67B:63
Infinite Lives 00D67D:09

Max Score Part 1 of 7 00C35A:09
Max Score Part 2 of 7 00C35B:09
Max Score Part 3 of 7 00C35C:09
Max Score Part 4 of 7 00C35D:09
Max Score Part 5 of 7 00C35E:09
Max Score Part 6 of 7 00C35F:09
Max Score Part 7 of 7 00C360:09

Paper-Boy 2
Infinite Paper 00C01C:63
Infinite Lives 00DA6B:0A

Phantasy Star Gaiden
Infiinite Money 00C58C:FF
Infinite Wood 00C58E:63
Infinite Short 00C58F:63
Infninite Leather 00C5A2:63
Infinite Monomate 00C5C0:63
Infinite Wisdom 00C5D4:63
Infinite Light 00C5C0:63

Phantom 2040
Infinite Bullets 00CF8A:99
Infinite Health 00D7BE:64

Power Strike 2
Infinite Lives 00C03D:09
Infinite Bombs 00D9F4:09

Primal Rage
Infinite Time 00DD82:99
Player 1 Infinite Health 00DC3E:40

R.B.I. Baseball 1994
Cant Strike Out 00CC26:00

Revenge of Drancon
Infinite Lives 00C12D:09
Infinite Vitality 00CC36:FE

Rise of the Robots
Infinite Health 00C451:30
Infinite Time 00C45B:09

Ristar the Shooting Star
Infinite Lives 00DC41:63
Infinite Stars 00DC43:62

Road Rash
Infinite Time 00C2A1:00

Robocop 3
Infinite Time 00CE64:01
Infinite Lives 00CE6A:0A
Infinite Bullets 00CE9F:99

Robocop vs. the Terminator
Infinite Lives 00D05B:09
Infinite Health 00D069:FF

Samurai Shodown
Infinite Time 00C200:63
Player 1 Infinite Health 00C090:FF

Shaq Fu
Player 1 Infinite Health 00CD4F:32

Infinite Time 00C354:63
Get 1 Tile To Beat Level 00C342:01

Infinite Time 00C354:63
Get 1 Tile To Beat Level 00C342:01

Smash TV
Infinite Lives 00C512:07
Infinite Credits 00C2A9:09

Smurfs, The
Infinite Time 00D92F:B0
Infinite Lives 00D923:63
Infinite Health 00D924:04

Sonic & Tails 1
Infinite Time 00D2C1:00
Infinite Lives 00D29B:99
Infinite Rings 00D29C:98

Sonic & Tails 2
Infinite Time 00D15D:00
Infinite Lives 00D140:99
Infinite Rings 00:98D159

Sonic Blast
Infinite Rings 00D25E:98
Infinite Rings Bonus Level 00DD9E:98

Sonic Chaos
Infinite Time 00D2C1:00
Infinite Lives 00D29B:99
Infinite Rings 00D29C:98

Sonic Drift 1
Infinite Rings 00DA00:63

Sonic Drift 2
Infinite Rings 00DCC3:63

Sonic Labyrinth
Infinite Time 00C501:09
Infinite Lives 00C506:09

Sonic Spinball
Infinite Lives 00DA16:09
Infinite Continues 00DA1B:09

Sonic the Hedgehog 1
Infinite Lives 00D240:09
Infinite Time 00D2D0:00
Infinite Rings 00D2A9:98

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Infinite TIme 00D2B9:00
Infinite Lives 00D298:09
Infinite Rings 00D299:98

Sonic the Hedgehog - Triple Trouble
Infinite Time 00D15D:00
Infinite Lives 00D140:99
Infinite Rings 00D159:97

Space Invaders
Infinite Health 00C7EE:03
Infinite Lives 00C7EC:03

Spider-Man - Return of the Sinister Six
Infinite Health 00C1AA:08

Spiderman & X-Men - Arcade's Revenge
Infinite Health 00D373:2F

Star Trek Generations - Beyond the Nexus
Infinite Shields 00D314:64
Infinite Lazers 00D315:64

Strider Returns
Infinite Time 00D6C6:39
Infinite Lives 00D51B:09
Infinite Health 00D526:60

Super Return of the Jedi
Infinite Lives 00D9EF:09
Infinite Health 00D9F0:0C

Infinite Health 00CC15:14
Infinite Continues 00CEC4:09

Sylvan Tale
Infinite Health 00C0A5:20

Tails Sky Patrol
Infinite Lives 00D795:009
Infinite Fuel 00D78E:20

Infinite Lives 00D72D:09
Infinite Credits 00D732:09

Taz in Escape from Mars
Infinite Lives 00C36C:09

Tempo JR
Infinite Lives 00C474:63
Infinite Coins 00C475:63
Infinite Health 00C473:0F

Terminator 2 - Judgement Day
Infinite Health 00CF3F:38

Terminator 2 - The Arcade Game
Infinite Energy 00DCCF:80

Terminator, The
Infinite Health 00CC16:64

Always Zero Moves 00C925:00

Tintin au Tibet
Infinite Lives 00C4E6:08
Infinite Health 00C4E5:05

Tom and Jerry - the Movie
Infinite Health 00CB2A:08

True Lies
Infinite Health 00CC3F:14
Infinite Bullets 00D3C3:63

Urban Strike
Infinite Armor 00DAB2:FF
Infinite Fuel 00DAB8:FF
Infinite Lives 00DAA9:09

Virtua Fighter Animation
Infinite Time 00C409:63
Infinite Health 00C422:32

VR Troopers
Infinite Time 00CDF4:FF
Infinite Health 00CDDC:64

Infinite Health 00C101:07

Alien 3
Infinite Health 00C46A:64

Arena : Maze of Death
Infinite Health 00D29B:80

Bart Vs The Space Mutants
Infinite Health 00C398:00

Bart Vs The World
Infinite Health 00D2A2:04
Infinite Lives 00D2A1:09

Infinite Health 00D25A:05

Chakan: The Forever Man
Infinite Health 00DFB3:FF

Chuck Rock
Infinite Lives 00C08E:03
Infinite Health 00C08F:06

Global Gladiators
Infinite Time 00D4EA:59
Infinite Tokens 00D501:99
Infinite Lives 00D0B9:09

Jurassic Park
Infinite Health 00C02D:03
Infinite Lives 00C02F:09
Infinte Continues 00C033:09
Infinite Medkit 00C032:09

Ninja Gaiden
Infinite Time 00C42F:89

VR Troopers
Infinite Time 00CDF4:FF
Infinite Health 00CDDC:64

Wonder-Boy 1
Infinite Health 00CC36:0C

Wonder-Boy 3 - The Dragon's Trap
Infinite Health 00CF52:80
Infinite Potion 00CF4A:09
Max Money Part 1 of 6 00CF55:09
Max Money Part 2 of 6 00CF56:09
Max Money Part 3 of 6 00CF57:09
Max Money Part 4 of 6 00CF58:09
Max Money Part 5 of 6 00CF59:09
Max Money Part 6 of 6 00CF5A:09

WWF - Raw
Player 1 Infinite Health 00D3B1:63

X-Men & X-Men - Game-Master's Legacy & X-Men - Mojo's World
Mutant Power Always On 00DF8A:09
Infinite Health 00DF8B:FF
Infinite Mutant Power 00DF8C:FF

Yuu Yuu Hakusho 2
Infinite Health 00C408:80

Chuck Rock
Infinite Health - 00C00A:01

The Ottifants
Level Skip - 00D16D:01
To use the code: Pause the game, hold both buttons 1 and 2 down, and unpause the game.

Choplifter III
Heat Seeking Missles - 00D17B:01
Start with 3 extra lives - 00D238:02

Disney's Aladdin
Boot Game Into Test Mode - 00C200:01

Ren & Stimpy - Quest For The Shaven Yak
Show Developers Character Select Background - 00D495:01

Streets Of Rage
Infinite Health - 00C669:01

Enable 2 Hidden Options in the options menu - 00CF29:05

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