Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stage Select - The Revenge of Shinobi (SMD)

System: Sega Genesis
Game Title: The Revenge of Shinobi

Action Replay Code:
Stage Select

In the PC game 'Sega Smash Pack' there was a prototype version of Revenge of Shinobi (J) included from the Sega Channel. This proto had a Stage Select and an Invincibility Option. The RAM code for the Stage Select didn't change from the final releases.

You can even read about the Stage Select from the included text document that was on the PC disc.

 Watch the opening sequence for a preview of Musashi's astounding skill. Then,
at the title screen press the Start button. The Start Game screen appears.

Press the D Button right or left to set your starting location (shown at the
upper right of the Start Game screen). The Neo Zeed have taken over 8
districts around the world. Each district has 3 scenes. You can start in any
district and scene from 1-1 through 8-3.

Then move the selection arrow to Options and press the Start Button. The
Options screen appears.
 More Info:

Code Broken Down:
FFFF21:0001 Start on stage 1-2 - House Of Confusion
FFFF21:0002 Start on stage 1-3 - Boss
FFFF21:0003 Start on stage 2-1 - Waterfall
FFFF21:0004 Start on stage 2-2 - Street Alley
FFFF21:0005 Start on stage 2-3 - Boss
FFFF21:0006 Start on stage 3-1 - Military Base
FFFF21:0007 Start on stage 3-2 - Cargo Plane
FFFF21:0008 Start on stage 3-3 - Boss
FFFF21:0009 Start on stage 4-1 - Junkyard
FFFF21:000A Start on stage 4-2 - Engine Factory
FFFF21:000B Start on stage 4-3 - Boss
FFFF21:000C Start on stage 5-1 - Skyscraper
FFFF21:000D Start on stage 5-2 - Highway
FFFF21:000E Start on stage 5-3 - Boss
FFFF21:000F Start on stage 6-1 - Chinatown
FFFF21:0010 Start on stage 6-2 - Train Ride
FFFF21:0011 Start on stage 6-3 - Boss
FFFF21:0012 Start on stage 7-1 - Seaport
FFFF21:0013 Start on stage 7-2 - Missile Base
FFFF21:0014 Start on stage 7-3 - Boss
FFFF21:0015 Start on stage 8-1 - Searchlight
FFFF21:0016 Start on stage 8-2 - Labyrinth
FFFF21:0017 Start on stage 8-3 - Boss 

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