Friday, September 24, 2010

Convert .GME PS1 saves to .PSV

How to convert PS1 saves to PS3 format.

What you will need:
1. MemcardRex v1.4+ ( )
2. A PS1 Memory Card
3. A PS1 Memory Card Reader (USB) for the PS3
4. Some type of USB Mass Storage (Flashdrive, PSP etc.)
5. A PS3 with 2 free USB slots
And likely the hardest part:
6. A way to transfer data to a PS1 Memory Card (DexDrive, PS2's uLaunchELF etc.)

Summary of how to:
1. Open the PS1 formatted save/card with MemcardRex.
2. Export a raw single save to your USB storage.
3. Use uLaunchELF to transfer the save from USB to the actual PS1 Memory Card.
4. Use the PS3 and Memory Card Reader to copy the card to the Hard Drive.
5. Now you can enter your newly created Internal Memory Card and copy the save to the USB storage.

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