Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Debug Menu - Goal! (U) aka Ace Striker (J) & J.Cup Soccer (J) (GB)

System: Game Boy
Game Title: Ace Striker (J) aka Goal! (U) (E) & J.Cup Soccer (J)

After having been inside the debug menu, you can access this by pausing the game and holding B while pressing A.

This is not a very good code, but at least you can see it for yourself:
Boot Into Debug Mode

Here's a better way to access it:
With VisualBoy Advance go to Tools and Memory Viewer...
While on the Title Screen with "Push Start Button" flashing, change the value at address C0D5 to 0.
The Debug Menu is now showing, but not fully loaded.
To fix this press down twice to highlight the Demo option, and press A to select it.
Press the A button a second time to exit the demo and return to the Debug Menu with correct graphics.

New Game Genie Code:
Ace Striker (J)

Boot Into The Debug Menu

As shown in this video:

Download hacked game:
Ace Striker (J) (Debug Mode).gb

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