Saturday, August 4, 2018

NES Pro Action Replay (RAM) Codes

Using Regular Expression Searching To Locate RAM Addresses For NES:

Here's a few simple steps to show RAM cheats on the website

As you can see in this image, generally the NES RAM addresses you're after is in the range of 0x0000-0x07FF

Using Google Chrome, add this extremely useful extension that's all about regular expressions:
Regex Search

Now we'll head over to the NES code database and pick a game. In this example we'll go with SMB3:

Now you'll go to the top and choose Filter->RAW and click the submit button.

Now is the time to expand all the categories out so the codes that's inside the category is visible.

Now, it's time to use the Google Chrome extension Regex Search, we'll be using it to highlight all the addresses on the page that start with a zero (since the RAM is 0000-07FF).

Click on the extension and paste in the following text:
[0]{1}[0-9 A-F]{3}[:]

That is simply translated as "one zero followed by three hex values and ending with a colon"

After clicking on Next, you'll see that the addresses starting with a zero have been highlighted, showing you which codes are RAM cheats.

Here's a collection of some games with RAM addresses starting with a zero for the NES. You can open the files with a text editor like notepad; but I recommend the program Notepad++:
NES RAM Codes.7z

Things to keep in mind with the above 7-Zip archive:
There are no code notes included. The notes are very important as they may tell you how to use the RAM address or what values to use. For example, a note could say something like: "Turn off the code before the boss appears or the game will freeze" etc.

Another thing to remember is for codes like, for example, a Stage Modifier code; you're not going to have all the values listed for the different stages etc.

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