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Innovation Super GB Booster Plus for PlayStation

System: PlayStation
Game Title: Super GB Booster Plus

Innovation Super GB Booster Instruction Manual (a.k.a. Game Hunter):
Gamebooster Instructions
Gamebooster is a unique product for PlayStation owners. It allows users to play GameBoy games on their PlayStation console. In addition Gamebooster has its own built-in cheat system which enables users to select cheats for most GameBoy games. A further feature of Gamebooster is its own built-in game called Rebound.

Using Gamebooster
Make sure that your PlayStation console is switched off. Never plug or unplug any accessory from your console while it is switched on or damage to your system will occur. Plug the Gamebooster unit into the cartridge slot of your PlayStation in the normal way. Make sure that the Gamebooster label is facing towards the front of the console. You are now ready to play a GameBoy game of your choice. Simply plug the GameBoy game cartridge into the top of the Gamebooster unit with the label facing forwards. Switch on the system and the Gamebooster logo will be displayed followed the the 'Loading' message. Your game will now load and play as normal. If you do not see this sequence then switch off your console and re-check the above connection instructions. Play the GameBoy game using the Direction Pad, the Start, the 'Select' button, and the X and O buttons on the controller. A little experimentation may be required to become familiar with playing your GameBoy games in a new way.

Many GameBoy games that you are used to playing in black and white on your GameBoy are in fact Super GameBoy games. This means hat you will now see them in full color on your PlayStation with Gamebooster installed. Some of these games may even have screen borders that you have not seen before. Many GameBoy games, however, in particular older titles, will be displayed in black and white. These too can be modified to produce stunning color results by using Gamebooster's unique color palette editor.

Using the Palette Editor
If the GameBoy game that you have loaded is displayed in black and white then you will need to use the Palette Editor. When game has loaded press the L1 and R1 buttons on the control pad to display. There is no right or wrong color for nay game and you should experiment until you find a pleasing result. To see your results at any time you can return to the game by positioning the cursor over the menu selection and pressing X. This will return you to the main menu where you can select Game to return to the game.

Although most Super GameBoy games come complete with boarders many do not. In addition standard GameBoy games usually do not have borders at all. If you wish to use one of the Gamebooster built-in boarders then select the Boarder Icon from the Option screen. Use the X button to choose the boarder and then return to the game complete with new border.

Cheat System
This is one of Gamebooster's most powerful features. After loading your game go to the Options screen. One of the choices on this screen is Cheats. Select this option and a list of game titles will be displayed. Check the list to see if the game you are playing is included and if it is then enter the option screen. From within the options screen you will see several choices. By using the direction pad or joystick, move the cursor over the palette icon and press X to select. The screen will now display a view of the game screen plus three color palettes on the right of the screen. The top palette bar is for the background and the other two are for sprite or character colors. On the right of the screen there are three paint pots. By moving the cursor over these pots you can mix the color with the X and O buttons. Once you have found the correct shade of color, move the cursor to one of the three palette bars and press the X button to set the color. If you are playing a black and white game then initially the three palette bars will show various scales of grey. By moving the cursor over the grey areas of the palettes they can be changed to the color in use by pressing the X button. Changes made to the palette will result in changes to the colors within the game and the game picture will change as you experiment with the color palette. Choose the cheats that you wish to enable and then return to the game with these cheats in operation. If the game that you care playing is not listed then you can use the Game Trainer feature of Gamebooster to help you product your own cheats.

Game Trainer
After starting the game but before losing any lives enter the option screen and choose the Trainer option. A new screen will now be displayed showing four icons - an up arrow, a down arrow, and exclamation point (!), and an equal to (=). The game trainer works by comparing multiple images of the state of game play and analyzing the data to find the values that control say lives or energy. Game training to find your own cheats might be something that you think is too complicated for you and in that case we suggest that you skip this section and return to playing all of your fantastic GameBoy games on your PlayStation. However, if you want to give finding your own cheats a try here is an example of finding a cheat for lives within a game. Start the game but do not lose a life. For our example we will say that our games starts with five lives. Now go to the trainer via the Options Screen. Select the '='  option which tells the trainer to grab an image of game play with the lives value unchanged (still five), Now return to the game and lose a life then come back into the Trainer Screen. Since you now have four lives we should select the down arrow or lesser option. This is simply because the four lives that we now have are less than the 5 lives that we had before. Now repeat this process with 3, 2 and 1 life. The game trainer is analyzing the console memory and tracking down locations that follow this profile IE 5 then 4 then 3 and so on. The number of locations that follow this exact profile is a lot less than you might think and the trainer will soon have a list of locations small enough to display on screen. By selecting these values one at a time and entering them you can soon establish which is the correct value. Return to the game and try out each value. If you start with 5 lives and no not lose any then you have created your own new cheat! This is a very basic overview of how cheat finding works and you must use your imagination to come up with other techniques. All of the cheats built into Gamebooster were created using exactly this technique.

Gamebooster has its own built-in game. It's a great game to play and it is in full color complete with color border. It's called Rebound. To play Rebound simply switch on your console with Gamebooster installed and with a PlayStation game plugged into the rear slot. Do not plug a GameBoy game into the top of Gamebooster and rebound will be loaded automatically. There are no cheats listed for rebound and the game trainer has been designed so as not to work on this game. Each of the levels of rebound have passwords so you can return to any previously completed level.

Whenever changing GameBoy games, always switch off your console and then switch back on again. We believe that there are in excess of 1,000 games available world wide for the GameBoy. Whilst we have made all endeavors to ensure that Gamebooster works with the vast majority of games, we cannot guarantee compatibility with every game. In addition since Gamebooster works using emulation technology, you may find odd glitches with some games.

Note: Notice it does not mention that it does not play the original GameBoy audio.


Super GB Booster Plus (a.k.a Gold Finger 3 in 1) Instruction Manual:


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